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04 August 2004

Started very eary..Was up at six am trying to get some running in before the sun hit. Ran as far as te 1st beach which was a dump and then got lost trying to come back along the coast. Ended up on some dirt track with the buzz of insects all round and hedged in with inpenetrable thicket. All of a suddent 2 giant vultures took off into the air. I dont think I have ever been more scared! Eventually after traversing a smelly canal (I was gonig to leap majestically but in the end I scrabbled accross the rocks) I got back on the road and to the hotel before the full-on morning sun hit. Showered, dressed, picked up fruit in the local supermarket and got to class on time


Got some spanish rolling, met some other travellers. Tagged along with two Japanese girls afterwards to the beach which is very nice indeed. Puts Pompey to shame ,) White sand, translucent blue ocean and large crashing waves that can throw you quite a distance.


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