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Diving in Cancun

06 August 2004

So, yesterday was a brief diving lesson in a very tiny hotel pool - all of 3m long and 1m6 deep and today I was in a boat heading out an uncomfortably long way from the shore.

Diving basically consists of strapping a big tank of oxygen to your back, sticking a plastic tube in your mouth, tieing lead weights to yourself and rolling backswards into the water. It was very exciting and I am happy to be back typing this.

The water is clear and the seabed is a mixture of sand and coral. Its hamazing how much life is down there. Silver and yellow stripy fish follow you arouind looknig for food as you disturb rocks, there were lots of others too - glowy blue, irredescent red, and so on. We even saw a large manta ray feeding on the sea floor.

Pressure increases very quickly as you descend. At sea level you have 1 atmosphere on you. Go into the ocean and that increases to 2 atmospheres at only 10 meters. The mantra is ´dont forget to keep breathing.´ Not only is it a good idea, but essential as you as/descend to stop your lungs from ex/imploding. Hold your breath as you ascend from a measly 10m and your lungs double in size! Ouch!


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