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Practical NY Energy Tips - PCs

04 December 2004

Standard PC Power Saving Configuration options that should be turned on.

All modern PCs can chew up a significant amount of power if left on all the time, so turn them off when not in use! Additionally, don't overlook the energy (and costs!) savings of LCD flat-screens over traditional (CRT) monitors. Flat-panel displays typically use about 1 third of the energy of a CRT (eg/ 50 watts versus 150W for 17". This would equate to 10-20 dollars savings a year.)

Modern PCs have power saving options that can be turned on to reduce electricity consumption. On Windows XP the following configuration can be used so that the PC goes into snooze after a short period of activity (Low energy use) and hibernates (no energy use) after a longer delay.

Click Start-->Control Panel, Power Options.
Use the following Power Scheme:
poweroptions (31k image)
In order for the 'System Hibernates' option to be available, Hibernate has to be turned on on the Hibernate tab.


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