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Your Chance to Influence US Energy Policy!

13 February 2005

The US Senate is deliberating over energy policy (CNN News link)and now is a good time to tell your senators your opinions! You have to do it this week as they are aiming to pass the bill by President's day.
Bush's approach is to turn to drilling in the Artic Wildlife Reserve and increase the use of nuclear power. There are much better stratagies leveraging renewable energy sources and energy efficiency. The American Solar Energy Society has a good piece on what should be included in the bill.
Identify your senators and send them an email or even a real letter! Click 'more' for an example letter or here for a Microsoft Word version.

757 Third Ave., Ste. 17-02
New York, NY 10017

Dear Senator Schumer

I am writing to ask that you ensure that the 2005 National Energy Bill drives investment and growth into renewable energy sources.

A low cost energy supply is crucial to our quality of life yet the current oil-driven approach is not sustainable as has been shown by peoples' increasing concern over global warming and continung
political unrest in the Middle East.

The 2005 National Energy Bill should advance the research and use of renewable fuels, such as solar and hydro, so that they provide an increasing percentage of the nation's electricity demand. This can be driven through the use of capital expenditure and tax incentives.

Additionally, standards should be set for energy efficiency among utilities, cars, trucks and appliances.

President Bush's approach, relying on the exploitation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and the increased use of nuclear reactors is not the answer. Neither offer a long term solution and lead to
unmanageable pollution as well as presenting further opportunities for terrorist attacks.

By promoting investment in renewables, the US would benefit in many ways including,

- Reduced reliance on foreign energy
- Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases
- An increase of skilled jobs
- Provide a long term, clean, energy supply

Your leadership in this matter is critical if we are to prevent further environmental degredation and continue to enjoy our standard of living.




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